FAVES: Pretty In Pastels

Muted but not boring

Cute pastel outfits and shoes may be quintessential for spring, but in Southeast Asia where the weather is always sunny, you can wear these colours all year round. Maybe it's through a soft yellow sundress or a muted pink co-ord outfit — the possibilities are endless. One thing is for sure: this 2021 fashion trend, which was predicted as early as the Winter 2020 fashion shows last year, continues to be a staple in the Clozette Community's wardrobes. Curious to know how they do it? Read on for their different takes on the enduring trend.

Baby pink checkered co-ord

Yellow midi dresses

Charming hanbok

Stylish sneakers

(Cover photo from: @lingweiix)

Looking for more relaxed outfit ideas? The Clozette Community also loves long, flowy dresses.

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