Trend To Try Now: The Cropped Blazer & Skirt Combo

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Fashion co-ordinates, which are also known as co-ords, are incredibly fun and easy to wear all-year-round, whether we’re looking at comfortable, #stayhome sweat sets or evening-ready ensembles, such as matching satin blouses and skirts. Those of us who own the latter won’t be able to showcase our glamorous wares anytime soon as we sit tight and looking forward to safer, pandemic-free days in the near future.

Luckily for us, we have the chic cropped blazer and skirt combo, a stylish go-to transitional outfit that’s been spotted on more than a few of our favourite fashion labels and style influencers. Read on as we round up five different cropped blazer and skirt combos for you to try now.

Ladies who lunch

Suits have always looked sexy on women, and model Tuva’s reworked vintage YSL skirt suit from The Vintage Studio further proves this point. Above, she styled her cream-coloured ensemble with minimalistic jewellery and a slicked-back hairstyle. Her look reminds us of Jacquemus’ Fall 2020 fashion show.

pink crop blazer and skirt with buttons

Storets ‘Stella’ cropped jacket, USD158 (Photos from:

Try: Storets’ ‘Stella’ cropped jacket, which is offered in a feminine blush pink hue that makes it perfect for girly outings with your besties. This piece is made of slightly thicker, wool-blended material and it features padded shoulders to bring a little structure into your entire outfit.


Stepping out during the weekend? Ace the preppy casual look on your own terms just like how fashion influencer Freya has done so above, where she paired her black cropped blazer and skirt co-ord with Converse sneakers and a designer bag. This is a fun look to re-create whenever you’re in the mood to for a formal-looking ensemble without looking overdressed.

pink plaid crop blazer with pleated skirt

(Left to Right) Pomelo Fashion plaid puff sleeve crop blazer in orange, SGD59/~USD43 (Photo from: Pomelo Fashion plaid pleated skirt in orange, SGD24/~USD17.80 (Photo from:

Try: Pomelo Fashion’s crop blazer and matching pleated skirt set. With its puffed sleeves and all-over plaid print, this suit is made to stand out in a sea of neutral colours. It’s perfect for those who are ready to embrace a fun '90s moment in their ensembles. Are you a fan of this co-ord?

Lady boss vibes

Got a day filled with back-to-back virtual work meetings? Consider your work-from-home look settled. Fashion stylist and influencer Sofia Coelho looks uber-cool in her 4th and Reckless dark co-ord, which she completes with a white shirt, shiny silver accessories, a vintage Dior purse and small sunnies.

military green crop blazer and skirt set

(Left to Right) Zara cropped blazer, MYR439/~USD106.28 (Photo from: Zara mini skirt with pockets, MYR199/~USD48.18 (Photo from:

Try: Zara’s cropped blazer and mini skirt with pockets, whose versatile military green shade goes wonderfully with other neutral hues, such as light grey, white and black. Style this set with a crisp white button-down and neatly combed locks and you’re bound to be the best dressed ‘Zoom’ attendee in your company.

Grey area

Grey is far from boring. In fact, it’s a sophisticated colour that’s often worn by fashionistas who favour simple yet chic outfits. Check out French fashion influencer and YouTuber Federica of Junesixtyfive’s fit above. She paired her oversized cropped blazer (from The Vintage Studio just like Tuva) with a tiny matching skirt. To complete her look, she wore a fabric face mask, a Prada purse and durable black boots.

weekday crop tailored blazer and mango knitted black skirt

(Left to Right) Weekday ‘Dominique’ cropped blazer, USD70 (Photo from: Mango cable knit skirt, SGD45.90/~USD34.05 (Photo from:

Try: Swedish street and fashion brand Weekday’s ‘Dominique’ cropped blazer, which we styled with a cable knit skirt from Mango. The former features cool details, such as a creative tailored cut that is made from a smooth twill weave alongside slits on the cuffs. As for our choice of skirt, we went with something that has a chunkier, knitted material and roomier, regular fit that lends an additional layer of elegance to the entire ensemble.

Glam girl

It’s a co-ord...It’s a skirt suit…It’s a mini dress! Japanese/French fashion influencer Yoshino has pretty much mastered the art of minimalistic dressing (peep her Instagram profile and you’ll get our drift), and the above standout look from her is no different. Here, she serves her best model pose in a dress that looks deceptively similar to a cropped blazer and skirt set. She kept her outfit all-white, with knee-high boots and a chain shoulder bag to boot.

australian fashion with jean white blazer dress

With Jéan ‘Jackie’ dress, USD229 (Photos from:

Try: Australian fashion label With Jéan’s ‘Jackie’ dress, which is the exact piece that Yoshino has worn in her outfit post above. The long sleeve mini dress drops to an A-line skirt and it features a centre cut-out. It’s designed with an elastic waistband at the back for comfort, along with buttons on the inside as well. So, will you be embracing this trending outfit combo anytime soon?

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