These Style & Beauty Picks Are Helping Us Radiate Positive Vibes


There’s no denying that January has been a trying month for many of us, given all the shocking and unfortunate news which we’ve had to take in recently. However, we’re determined to keep our chins up and we’re remaining focused on our #NewYearNewMe goals in making 2020 our best year yet. From perk-me-up fragrances to chic yet comfortable wardrobe basics, here are the top style and beauty picks that are bringing us positive vibes all year round. 


Deputy Editor 

clozette furla 1927 crema

Price unavailable 

"Everyone who knows me knows that black is my preferred sartorial colour. With the new decade, however, I’m encouraged to move a bit farther from my comfort zone and put a little more colour into my wardrobe. First on my must-have list is the Furla 1927 in Crema — as elegant as other Furla bags but comes in a yummy and inspiring light yellow hue.”


Features Writer and Campaign Executive 

clozette whal myung skin elixir
MYR204.20/~USD50.06 (

"When it comes to skincare routines, I think I've done it all. We're talking three-step, five-step, 10-step — all of them. And I found that what works best for my skin a minimal routine consisting of multi-benefit products that save up on time. So when I saw Whal Myung Skin Elixir's claim of being a serum, toner, and facial oil in one, I was intrigued. This potent elixir is said to incorporate natural herbs used in traditional Korean medicine in its ingredients list, promising to combat signs of ageing and help pack on hydration. Not to mention that it has a sleek packaging that would look pretty on anyone's beauty shelf. Definitely eyeing this as an addition to my stash!"


Features Writer

clozette lanvin modern princess blooming fragrance
MYR180.18/~USD44.17 for 30ml 

“Perfumes are one of the things that instantly improves my mood. Just a spritz of floral and fruity scents and my spirits are immediately lift up with sweetness. So to start off the year with positive vibes, I’m hoping to get ahold of Lanvin’s Modern Princess Blooming. Initially, its aroma entices you with its citrus freshness, but deeper notes of osmanthus, jasmine, and damask rose are gradually revealed, tingling your senses. Not to mention, with a dainty ball gown-looking bottle, their latest fragrance would be an elegant addition to my vanity desk — who wouldn’t want that, right?"


Creative Lead

clozette dior lip glow colour reviver balm
MYR135.00/~USD36.83 (

"I have been having very chapped lips due to the weather and the Dior Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm in Coral would be a great remedy. I can use it everyday for a natural glow and it helps to moisturise my lips as well."


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clozette uniqlo u tee jeans
Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt, MYR39.90/~USD9.78
Uniqlo U Wide Fit Curved Jeans MYR149.90/~USD36.74 (

"I foresee that pieces from the Uniqlo U's Spring/Summer 2020 collection, which is launching this 21 February, will be my go-to ensemble. The women’s line draws inspiration from independent, free-spirited, and active women who are out to explore the world — this short description of the new collection screams 'me' with its bright and vibrant palette. I would throw on a short-sleeved tee paired with stylish wide-fit bottoms for a day out filled with good vibes all around.”


Features Writer 

clozette beauty blender original

MYR99.00/~USD24.27 (

"I can’t believe I took this long to discover the beautyblender! It's designed to blend your foundation, concealer and even cream blushes onto your skin smoothly. It also claims to blur out any imperfections for a seamless finish, too. I've been a foundation brush user for a while now, so I’m excited to level up my makeup game by trying out this must-have.” 

(Cover photo from: Lanvin

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