FAVE 5: Chunky Sneakers

Bigger and better

Once deemed unfashionable, your dad’s dorky sneakers from the ‘90s gets a cooler revival this year. Now bigger and better, these sneakers have now completely filled the ‘gram. Make a statement by stomping on the streets with a pair of chunky sneakers. See how the Clozette Community wears these bold pairs that everyone must have.

Sporty and laid-back

chunky sneakers
(Photo from: sparksofjoyce)

A touch of preppy

White chunky sneakers
(Photo from: SharonLove)


all-white outfit

Popping highlights

Chunky sneakers
(Photo from: MsElaineHeng)

Lightly pink

Pink chunky sneakers
(Photo from: paradeoflove)

(Cover photo from: SharonLove)

Next, mix it up with Harajuku style.

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