Interesting Tourist Spots In Canggu To Check Out

Wondrous sites at the south of Bali

Whether or not you're a travel junkie, you would've probably heard that Bali continues to be one of today's hottest — both literally and figuratively — tropical destinations in the region. This Indonesian tourist spot continues to evolve along with its growing popularity, making it an ideal location for those seeking adventure, relaxation or both. 

One of its most popular sites is Canggu. Located in the south of Bali, this city has been on tourists' radar in recent years for its pleasant atmosphere and artsy Balinese vibe. Its abundance of curious sites that centre on water sports, food and wellness make it a great entryway to the best of Bali. But which specific locations in Canggu are worth visiting? Ahead, interesting tourist spots in Canggu you must see. 

Canggu Beach

For those who are not familiar with this destination, it was ranked 39 out of the 100 best beaches in the world by CNN in 2017. Its allure lies in its black sand and sloping coastline that's lined with activities for both casual beachgoers and adventurous travellers. A trip to Indonesia's beach paradise is never fully complete without a visit to this. 

Finns Beach Club

Located on the shoreline of Canggu, Finns Beach Club is best known for its modern architectural design mixed with bamboo fixtures that provide a unique aesthetic. Enjoy a beautiful Bali sunset while swimming in the club's infinity pool with views directly to the beach. Not only that, but many other exciting activities are also waiting at Finns, such as sunbathing on the beach while sipping on fresh mocktails or playing bocce or volleyball with your best pals.

La Brisa

Another current favourite amongst tourists and locals alike despite opening just two years ago, La Brisa is a go-to for its ambience. With a beautiful Caribbean-style decor concept, this club exudes an Insta-genic aura. Every corner is suitable for taking stellar photos (or just having a good time, in general). Our top tip for maximising the La Brisa experience? Come in the afternoon to witness the breathtaking sunset panorama, accompanied by a live DJ performance. 


Moving on from frolicking under the sun and (potential) hangovers from cocktails by the beach, let's talk about coffee. Known for their cuppa, Bali is teeming with the most unique cafés. One of the most popular spots lately is Nook. In addition to offering a great food and drink menu, this restaurant also has a beautiful view of Bali's green rice fields. The place also has an art gallery where you can see a variety of handicrafts such as wooden accessories, woven bamboo furniture, and home decor made from shells. Talk about a perfect place for some downtime after some active adventuring by the sand and sea, don't you think? 

Milk & Madu

From Nook, you can do some café-hopping and hit Milk & Madu next. This spot serves a variety of indulgent breakfast/brunch munchies such as baked eggs, toast, and delectable pancakes all day long. Laidback and definitely family-friendly, Milk & Madu is also a great option when travelling with some youngins. The back of the cafe has a small garden with a playground for kids to stay in while you're chilling and sipping some joe.

Samadi Yoga 

Since we're all about that relaxed atmosphere, it's about time we mention how Bali is also well known for wellness retreats and activities — and we're not just talking about Balinese massages! If you're looking to expand your Bali wellness experience, Canggu is also well known for other activities to amp up your zen.

One famous yoga destination to check out is Samadi Yoga. Aside from having a unique studio-garden hybrid for sessions, Samadi Yoga also has some of the friendliest experts and trainees to assist your relaxing journey. Not only that but for those who don't carry yoga equipment while travelling, Samadi Yoga is well-equipped no matter the activity you have in mind. Just pay a visit and let 'em handle the rest. Because who would want their vacations tainted with stress, right? 

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