6 Best Types of Underwear For Every Outfit

The foundation of every OOTD

Underwear is an essential garment for any woman. It offers protection and coverage for your intimate parts. It can also help enhance your body shape by creating a smoother silhouette. In addition, great undies can improve your comfort and boost your confidence. When your underwear fits well, you don’t need to worry about it sliding down or having to adjust it every once in a while. This allows you to perform various activities with ease. 

As the first item of clothing you put on, underwear serves as the foundation of any outfit. If you are wearing the right underwear, the clothes you are wearing will look and fit better — which is why you need to match your underwear with your outfit. 

But with a wide range of underwear available today, it can be confusing to know which pair goes best with what type of clothes. To make sure you always have the right pair on, check out the discussion below about the different underwear styles and considerations when getting the perfect pair of undies.

Underwear styles you need for every outfit

Women’s underwear comes in various styles and shapes to offer different levels of coverage. These styles also help you stay comfortable when wearing specific outfits. To learn more, here are some of the styles widely available today. 


The thong is described as having a smaller triangle back covering than the front. The front and back are connected by either a wide or thin band. This underwear provides minimal coverage on the hips and no covering on the butt cheeks. 

Many women prefer thongs when wearing form-fitting pants like leggings. They effectively create a barrier between the body and the main garment without the underwear creating bumps or unevenness. So if you don’t want to have a visible panty line, wearing a thong can help you achieve a smoother look. Whether you are getting leggings to use at the gym or as loungewear, remember to include thongs in your shopping list when buying cotton leggings online or in physical stores.  


Bikini-style underwear sits just below the hip, exposing a bit more of your abdomen. It also has a higher cut on the sides of your legs but offers ample coverage on the backside as well as in front. A pair of bikini underwear pairs well with almost all outfits including dresses, jeans, and skirts — making it a staple in many women’s closets.


Falling perfectly at the hipbone, hipster panties offer more coverage on the sides than a bikini. It sits a few inches below your natural waistline. Compared to a bikini, hipster undies have a wider band that extends lower to the side of the legs. If you enjoy wearing low-rise bottoms, hipster styles are the best underwear. They are low enough that they won’t peek out of your jeans but still provide ample protection. Additionally, some women use hipster underwear during their period days as the crotch panel has more space to place a sanitary pad on, thus reducing the risk of leakage.

Boy Shorts

Inspired by men’s underwear, boy shorts do not have the typical triangle shape found in most women’s underwear. Instead, they look like tight shorts that have a generous covering on the crotch and backside and cut off along the upper part of the thighs.

Boy shorts are very versatile as they can be used as base clothing and loungewear. As a type of intimate garment, boy shorts are great to wear under form-fitted dresses because their snug fit can help create a seamless and slimmer silhouette. In case there is a sudden breeze, boy shorts can also act as a modest covering underneath dresses.

Full Briefs

Full briefs sit high on the waist, covering most of your lower belly up to the belly button. They are very comfortable and are great for daily wear. Full briefs work best when wearing high-waist pants and skirts. They also offer additional support, which can be beneficial when you want a more fluid look on your waist when wearing dresses. Hence, a lot of shapewear comes in full brief styles to achieve a flattering shape on the waist and help cinch the lower belly.


If you want the coverage of the full briefs but a lower waistband, mid-rise underwear is the solution. Mid-rise panties sit right at your natural waistline, providing a comfortable mid-coverage fit. They come in a standard women’s underwear shape and give complete coverage at the front and back. This underwear style is also suitable for daily wear and works well with most outfits, especially mid-rise pants and skirts.

Considerations when choosing the perfect underwear

Now that you have an idea of some of the different underwear styles, you need to know the factors you need to consider when selecting the right underwear for you. This way, you can ensure a comfortable fit and flattering look.


Getting the right size of underwear is important to your comfort, health, and style. Tight underwear can interfere with your body’s blood and air circulation as well as increase your risk of developing bacterial infections. Also, tight bands can cause unflattering bulges. On the other hand, loose undies can slide off and you may find yourself constantly adjusting your underwear through the day.

To ensure you get the right fit, measure your waist and hip before buying underwear. You can also ask the shopping assistant to help take proper measurements. In addition, take note that underwear sizes can vary depending on the brand. Since each brand follows its own size chart, you can end up getting a small size from one underwear brand and medium from another.


Aside from wearing underwear based on your outfits, you also need to consider where you will wear them and the activities you will perform. Since different occasions require specific attire, you need to match that with the right pair of undies. For example, you might wear a thong with your leggings when working out in the gym. But if you are having a night in, a pair of boy shorts would be more comfortable to lounge in. 


The material of the underwear you choose also depends on the occasion you will use them for. For daily wear, the recommendation is cotton and cotton blend fabrics for comfort. When it comes to shapewear, select underwear with spandex to make the compression more comfortable. Satin, lace, and viscose, on the other hand, can make any woman feel sexy and more confident so they are great to wear during romantic dates and special events.


Underwear comes in a wide range of colours including classic hues of black and skin tone. It’s good to get a mix of colours so you can easily match them with your outfits. For instance, wearing nude or skin tone underwear prevents the underwear’s outline from being noticeable if you’re wearing clothes in white or made with thin fabrics. 

Every woman’s outfit begins with the perfect pair of underwear. Wearing the right underwear can help you stay comfortable and boost your confidence. Since your closet is filled with various types of clothes, it’s only practical to own different styles of underwear. This way, you can easily create a stylish outfit without your underwear getting unwanted attention.

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