The Best Fashion Moments That Shaped Our Generation

Style as we know it

Decade-defining trends, including Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress and the Kardashians basically becoming the benchmark of beauty to live-streaming catwalk shows, shaped the world of fashion in the past 10 years. If there’s one thing to learn about trends, it’s that they come and go. And that they repeat in a cycle. What’s new is old and what’s old will eventually become new. 

We asked some fashion experts on what they believe pretty much shaped today’s fashion direction (many of which calls for us Clozette girls not to throw last season’s jeans just yet). Here’s our rundown:

Androgynous fashion

In modern fashion, androgyny has become more accessible. Avoiding gender stereotypes also gives anyone the freedom to dress up however they want to. For model and singer-songwriter Sonia, it’s how blazers and oversized men’s clothing gives her that ironically sexy and feminine vibes despite the silhouette. Not only is this stylish, but also significant. Fletcher shares having a less binary perspective as to how clothes relate to gender is something she wants to see more of on a larger scale.

The rise of luxury online

According to Lotho, a Filipino stylist and fashion events director based in Dubai UAE, the rise of luxury retail e-commerce has proven to be a game-changer for many brands including a lot of luxury names.

In an interview with Clozette, the fashion director also emphasized how big fashion houses pretty much broke the norms and veered away from the traditional notion of what society believes to be beautiful and stylish. “The end of body shaming or to rephrase, the inclusion of normal to round-figured models in a lot of fashion advertising mediums has changed the way of what people perceived by definition of what a model is and has made us redefine standards of beauty," he said. "What society used to define to be a strong definitive model like Victoria's Secret runway model has changed to a more diverse empowered woman such as Supermodel Ashley Graham known for being a round-figured model."

Conscious fashion

Regarding breaking social norms, the stylist shared that many fashionistas started to embrace the notion of conscious fashion, choosing sustainability over a brand. “Sustainability has been the most recent end-of-a-decade trend," he said. "The efforts of retail industry players such as Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and RTW labels like H&M Conscious to develop clothing with using either upcycled or organic materials.”

Style through the years

Meanwhile, Aussie-Asian stylist Rick Sotelo, who has glams up beauty queens like Miss Universe runner-up Ariella Arida, believes that every year for the past decade had significant contributions to today’s fashion scene: from the "model off-duty" look in 2010, the bright colours of 2011, the sleek blazer of 2012, the statement-making outerwear of 2013, the athleisure trend of 2014, the off-shoulder tops of 2015, the 90s-inspired looks of 2016, the loud accessories of 2017, the biker shorts revival of 2018, all the way to the "back-to-the-2000s" fashion of 2019.

“[2000s style] is seemingly making its entry into 2020. Tiny cute tops with cargo pants, tiny bags and funky shoes all gearing us up for a revamp for the new decade of fashion,” he said. Indeed, what is new is old, and what is old is becoming new again.

Next, revisit Jean Paul Gaultier's most iconic designs that redefined fashion.

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