FAVES: Beige Beauté

A classic hue

Since beige is a neutral hue, you might be inclined to think that it's quite "boring." Au contraire! Beige clothing pieces are a must-have because these can be paired with any other colour in your wardrobe. Having a beige pair of trousers or a beige top (at minimum) in your closet is enough to create five or more ensembles. It's all a matter of mixing and matching it with pieces you already have, just like how the Clozette Community loves to do with their own beige-y picks. Discover some new beige outfit ideas ahead.

Dainty dress

Crisp shorts

Cropped top

Cosy threads

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(Cover photo from: @leannelow)

Accessorise your beige attire with these dainty necklaces inspired by your fave shows.

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