Here's Your Athleisure Wardrobe Starter Pack

Unleash your inner Sporty Spice

Sportswear used to be just that — clothes to don when going to your workout or when you’re trying a new sport. Today, however, sportswear has evolved into something that has pretty much blurred the lines between activewear and streetwear, making sports-inspired clothes a staple in our wardrobes.

We have designers like Stella McCartney or Lululemon’s Chip Wilson to thank for the rise of this comfy casualwear known as “athleisure” or “activewear.” These designers have made activewear so stylish that they actually look appropriate enough to be worn along with some office pieces or even something you’d consider wearing on a big date.

Whether or not you go to yoga or spin classes you may want to consider shopping for the following sporty pieces.

The trendy tracksuit

These overalls or jacket and jogging pants combo may seem like something you’d wear when you’re too lazy to wear something nicer but you’d be surprised by how a bit of styling could actually do wonders for this ensemble. Here's a styling idea: pair a tracksuit with white pumps, a stylish camel trench, sleek hairstyle and magenta lips.

The yoga pants

Yoga pants have now become a style staple.
(Photo from: MandaOlivia)

Yoga pants take on a more stylish turn with new variants that are not just comfortable but super chic as well. Well-fitting yoga pants look gorgeous with heels while flared ones in black or grey can actually be worn to the office.

The cutout leggings

The cutout leggings are simple but stylish.
(Photo from: hannatantoco)

Yoga pants or leggings with an interesting design is a favourite sportswear piece for many because they're fun. Whether you're going for a laid-back '90s rocker look or a casual model's day off one, these leggings will help give you an oomph to your ensemble.

The stylish windbreaker

A sleek windbreaker, the ones used by athletes when jogging, is actually a fashionable piece that can be used as cover-all during bad weather. Some of the choices today include jackets with sleek materials and bright colours that make one stand out. Utility and style? Yes, please.

Biker shorts

The biker shorts made a resurgence and it looks like they're not going away anytime soon.
(Photo from: Sheiladytiu)

Next to yoga pants, these pieces that made a recent resurgence are our second favourite. They're truly versatile and can be worn with all types of tops, jackets and even paired with different kinds of shoes and bags.

Don't forget accessories

Top off your look with an accessory — this makes athleisure really ready for everyday wear. Don't be scared to put earrings on or a necklace. 

(Cover photo from: Sheiladytiu)

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