Your Guide To Nailing These 5 Athleisure-Inspired Fashion Trends

Ready to revamp your wardrobe with a sporty twist?

Athleisure is everywhere, and for good reason. It's comfy, stylish, and perfect for on-the-go living. But with all the options, where do you even begin? This article guides you to rocking five of the hottest athleisure trends. We'll show you how to create a versatile athleisure wardrobe starter pack, letting you ace your style game—no sweat required.

1. Tenniscore

Zendaya in tenniscore look

Left - Zendaya in a white tennis dress from On. (Photo from: @luxurylaw). Right - Zendaya wearing the custom Thom Browne white sequin pleated halter dress. (Photo from: @thombrowne)

The Tenniscore aesthetic has become TikTok's hottest fashion trend, sweeping the internet with every pleated white skirt you see. And let's give credit where it's due: Zendaya's role in the movie Challengers has brought back the popularity of this country club aesthetic.

Tenniscore aesthetic

Left -Tennis Heat.Rdy Pro Y-Dress (Photo from: Right - NikeCourt Dri-FIT Victory Women's Flouncy Tennis Skirt. (Photo from:

Want to nail this chic look? Build your wardrobe with A-line skirts, breezy linen, classic polos, muted tones, and stylish sneakers.

2. Golfcore

Pro-golfer Muni Lily He in Golfcore look

Pro-golfer Muni Lily He serving major 'golfcore' with her short-sleeve pink polo shirt and white mid-rise golf skirt. (Photo from: @lilymhe)

You're all about staying active and living your best life, but hey, you've also got that corporate hustle going on. Now, while rocking athleisure gear is awesome for your workouts and casual hangs, it might feel a tad too relaxed for your professional vibe.

Enter Golfcore. It's like athleisure's chic cousin, offering a classy yet sporty look that effortlessly transitions from your desk to running errands to teeing off on the golf course.

Golfcore Look

Left - Women's UA Playoff Jacquard Sleeveless Polo (Photo from: Right - Wrap-Front Mid-Rise Golf Skirt (Photo from:

Think tailored pants paired with crisp polos or classy collared tops, or maybe a cute swingy-skirted dress that's both comfy and chic. How about pocketed dresses or pleated white skirts teamed with stylish polos and cosy sweaters? That's the essence of golfcore—effortlessly elegant and oh-so-versatile.

3. Balletcore

Jennie from Blackpink is serving ballerina realness in layers of tulle and a touch of satin.

Fashion trends are all about embracing creativity and playfulness whilst still keeping things wearable, right? Well, Balletcore is no exception. This trend takes inspiration from the world of ballet, bringing in elements like tights, leg warmers, corsets, ribbons, and ballet flats.

Of course, let's not forget about the iconic tutu. From stage lights to street style, balletcore is taking over! Blackpink's Jennie and Olivia Rodrigo are showing us how to incorporate this trend with a modern twist!

Balletcore look

Left - Alexander McQueen high-waisted tulle midi skirt (Photo from: Right - Patent Pearl-Buckle Mary Janes in Black Patent (Photo from:

4. Gorpcore

Lisa's got us inspired to explore the outdoors with a technical jacket and cargo pants combo.

Get ready for some outdoor fashion fun with Gorpcore. This trend took 2023 by storm, blending rugged outdoor gear with high fashion flair — and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s all about rocking practical outdoor wear with your own personal style twist.

Gorpcore look

Left - Fluffy Yarn Fleece Full-Zip Long Sleeve Jacket (Photo from: Right - Water-repellent hiking trousers (Photo from:

Slay the look with fleece jackets, breathable hiking pants, and sturdy hiking boots — all mixed and matched to reflect your unique vibe. And when it comes to accessories, keep it sleek with minimal jewellery and a trusty fanny pack for all your essentials.  

5. Blokette

Feeling sporty but still want to look cute? Take a page from Bella Hadid's Blokette playbook.

Blokette is the hottest trend mashing up oversized jerseys and sporty jackets (blokecore) with ultra-feminine touches like mini skirts, knee-high socks, and ribbons (coquette). Coined in late 2022, this playful style is blowing up on TikTok, drawing inspiration from British sports culture and celebrating a fun mix of masculine and feminine.

Left - Andersson Bell Checked Pleated A-Line Skirt. (Photo from: Right - Triomphe Jacket In Velvet Jersey in Midnight/Off White. (Photo from:

In short, Blokette fashion is all about embracing your unique mix of masculinity and femininity in the most delightful way imaginable.

From mastering Tenniscore's crisp polos to embracing the elegance of golfcore—there's no limit to your style adventures. Which look will you be sporting next?

This article was first published on 04 February 2020. Last updated: 13 May 2024.

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