5 Fashion YouTubers With Incredible Style

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YouTube is filled with entertaining and informative content that caters to almost every imaginable interest and need. Serious foodies are bound to love ‘mukbangs’ and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Ramsay in 10’ recipe series, while serial gamers will enjoy tuning in to live-streams of their favourite video games. Those who love fashion will find it a treasure trove of inspirational style content too. From creative DIY masters to friendly fashion mavens, here are five stylish YouTubers with incredible style to follow now.

The artsy fashionista: Linh Truong

18-year-old Vietnamese-American YouTuber Linh Troung is the creative, fashionable little sister you wish you have. From transforming old and ‘thrifted’ pieces into trendy summer outfits to achieving #colourpaletting goals in her style lookbooks, we love the newly enrolled Georgetown University undergraduate’s cheerful take on fashion. It’s worth noting that Linh runs a small art business on Etsy selling art stickers and prints too, apart from juggling her studies and creating content for her YouTube channel. We stan a creative queen.

The colourful pop-culture enthusiast: Steal The Spotlight

If you’re a fan of creating casual cosplay outfits and are looking for more cool ideas on dressing up after your favourite characters, be sure to bookmark Katie O’s YouTube channel, Steal The Spotlight. Katie’s a pro at creating fun, fashionable looks that are inspired by pop culture icons, including American science fiction Netflix series Stranger Things, and The Powerpuff Girls. The Australian YouTuber keeps you updated on the latest seasonal fashion trends, and dishes useful tips on how you can learn to put together aesthetically pleasing outfits too. Her colourful, funky ensembles are a reminder to us all that fashion is about expressing your individuality.

The chic minimalist: Samantha Maria

Black leather jacket, check. Classic red lippie, check. Samantha’s channel is perfect for female urbanites who aspire to achieve the ‘casual yet cool’ look without breaking the bank. The London-based content creator subscribes to a primarily neutral palette for her wardrobe and is rarely seen without her black sunnies and minimalist gold jewellery. If you ever need ideas on styling a wardrobe essential in multiple ways, her channel is a great place to start; she has shared handy tips on rocking white jeans effortlessly, and has also given awesome advice on wearing knee-high boots without looking risqué.

The streetwear stalwart: Ms Crisssy

So you’ve been collecting sneakers and a few streetwear pieces for a while now, but are still unsure about the elements that would help create a ‘fire’ ‘fit. It’s high time you check out up-and-coming Filipino YouTuber Ms Crisssy, who stands out amongst the fashion community for her fierce and fabulous take on streetwear style. We’re particularly drawn to Crisssy’s new ‘Streetwear Outfits of the Week’ video series, where she gives us a closer look behind the cool outfits she has worn and shown on Instagram. Did we also mention that she owns an online fashion store, Threaded Grails, which specialises in vintage tees and other streetwear staples? It’s safe to say that Crisssy is coolness personified! 

The petite princess: Dearly Bethany

Here’s a fashion YouTuber who’s tiny in size, yet big on style. Bethany, who stands at 5 foot 1 (155cm), is a major source of inspiration for petite folks who wish to appear taller, slimmer and a little more put-together. Her ‘How-To’ series is chock-full of practical tips on creating elegant ensembles, while her ‘Look Taller’ series is living proof that you don’t need to be a towering fashion model in order to have great style.

Who are some of your favourite fashion YouTubers? (Cover photo from: @stealthespotlight

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