These 3 Couples Prove That The Best Things Come In Pairs

The power of two

There’s a sense of freedom in knowing you can do and enjoy things on your own, but there are just some things that are better shared and experienced with a partner. Whether it’s something as simple as having breakfast or something as monumental as going on your first trip abroad, the experience is sweeter when it’s shared. And just like how footwear always comes in twos and would look and feel odd without the other, we let three couples who enjoy wearing their favourite Birkenstock pieces prove that the best things in life come in pairs.




Charmaine Seah and Aarika Lee 


Charmaine Seah-Ong is the co-founder of Elementary Co., a digitally led marketing and branding agency. Aarika Lee is the marketing director and copywriter at Elementary Co. Together, they bring brand stories to life. But beyond the roles they play and work they do, they are best friends who complement, inspire and encourage each other. 


Two reasons why you're the best pair. 

Charmaine (C): “Because we complement each other perfectly and we're not afraid of being open, honest and vulnerable with each other.”

Aarika (A): “Charm brings out the best in me and for everything that I am not, she is. Which makes me feel like we can accomplish anything together.”


Two things that make a good pair of footwear. 

C: “Style and comfort.” 

A: “Personally, how versatile it is or how it fits into my lifestyle. Also, comfort because I'm on my feet a lot.” 


Two words you'd use to describe each other. 

C: “Aarika is effervescent – she has such infectious enthusiasm and always brings such a good energy with her. She's also extremely compassionate and is always looking out for other people.” 

A: “Charm is intuitive; she reads situations and things really well. And she is generous, always giving and thinking of others.” 


Tell us about your Birkenstock footwear. 

C: “It's such a classic design but the reflective tone and texture from the Arizona Animal Fascination collection give it a nice twist. I know most people associate Birkenstocks with casual wear but I don't see why you can't wear them with fancy dresses too.” 

A: “I love white shoes or sandals so I'm loving the pair that I have. It goes with almost anything and the texture of the straps [designed to mimic seal fur texture] gives it character.”



It's such a classic design...[with] a nice twist.

- Charmaine 




The texture of the straps gives it character.

- Aarika 



Jerald Saw and Rebecca Ten 


Jerald Saw sees things differently through his lens as a photographer. And for him, the best subject is her girlfriend, blogger Rebecca Ten. Individually, they are creatives set out to tell stories in their own ways. As a couple, they are partners-in-crime who have perfected their dynamics both in their working and personal lives. 


Two activities you wouldn't do without each other. 

Jerald (J): “Waking up at 5AM to watch the sunrise and staying up to the middle of the night to catch the Milky Way, and soon the Northern Lights.” 

Rebecca (R): “Eating L32 Ban Mian! My obsession for banmian (handmade noodles served in soup) has been so infectious in our relationship we are always craving it when we are together. And riding a scooter while in Bali! I trust that he'd always ride safely with me as his pillion passenger at the back.” 


Two reasons why you're the best pair. 

J: “We’re the best partners-in-crime in town and we’re always up for a spontaneous adventure to any part of the world.” 

R: “I guess in our own terms, we've found the perfect way to work together and balancing it amongst a whole lot of other individual commitments and creative projects we pursue. And he's my dream team and cheerleader and I am so happy that I have found that in the person I love.”


Tell us about your Birkenstock footwear. 

J: “My Classic Ramses pair is a true gentleman’s classic. It is a sandal that can be matched with shorts and pants and still have that classy edge to your outfit. The thick and sleek leather upper holding your feet down to the soles shouts masculinity and sturdiness. It’s not difficult to fall in love with the classic.” 

R: “The Gizeh Spectral is extremely comfortable. The spectral copper effect also makes it incredibly gorgeous when you walk under the sunlight; the little reflections make it a stand-out pair from the other Birkenstocks. They also make the perfect vacation shoes – easy to slip on and perfect for every outfit.” 


Two things that make a good pair of footwear. 

J: “Design and durability. For me, design comes before comfort. If I like the look of the footwear, I go for it. Second would be durability because if I have a really nice footwear, I would want it to last as long as it could.” 

R: “How comfortable it wears and how easy it is to style them with everyday outfits.”




A true gentleman's classic.

- Jerald 




...the perfect vacation shoes - easy to slip on and perfect for every outfit.

- Rebecca 



Kersie Koh and Brady 


Kersie Koh is our co-founder and creative director at Clozette. Although tasked with so many duties and responsibilities at work, she never fails to fulfil the most important task in her life: be a doting mother to her lovely children, the youngest of whom is sweet Brady. They make a loving mother-son pair whose bond will remain forever. 


Two words you'd use to describe each other. 

Kersie (K): “He’s a very sensitive and curious little one. I'm surprised by his acute awareness of his surroundings and people's feelings at such a young age. Perhaps because of that, his emotions are intense. He laughs the hardest but is also the most jealous.” 

Brady (B): “Beautiful, I don't know why, and fun because mummy brings us to fun places during school holidays.” 


Tell us about your Birkenstock footwear. 

K: “The Mayari Metallic Stones in Copper matched my skin tone well, giving it a nude look which elongates my legs though I'm in flats. The metallic and strap design adds a touch of chic for when I go around my neighbourhood on a casual weekend.” 

B: “I like the colour [of the Milano Kids Seaweed in Black.] I like the one with the back strap so I can run better with it. It’s comfortable.” 


Two things that make a good pair of footwear. 

K: “Stylish and comfortable.”
B: “[It has to have the] correct size [and must be] comfortable.”


Two reasons why you're the best pair. 

K: ”I see great perception and drive in Brady and look forward to seeing how I can shape his enthusiasm and energy in a positive way. Also, Brady has promised me a big room in his future big house where I can have the air-conditioner turned on any time. He knows I'm a grouchy mama when I'm feeling hot.” 



The metallic and strap design adds a touch of chic.

- Kersie 




I like the one with the back strap so I can run better with it.

- Brady 




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