3 Reasons To Embark On An Epic Fly Cruise Holiday With Royal Caribbean

Let your adventurous spirit soar

Are you hoping for an enriching travel experience that effortlessly checks all your boxes, helping you transform your dream travel bucket list into a splendid reality? This is your sign to go on a fly cruise with Royal Caribbean.

Your fly cruise experience begins with arranging your own flight to your preferred destination, where you'll embark on the cruise ship. Afterwards, with Royal Caribbean, you can kickstart your globe-trotting adventure.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Singapore

How far will your wanderlust take you?

Wondering if this is the kind of vacation for you? We’ve rounded up three compelling reasons why you should go on this unique holiday with Royal Caribbean Cruise.

1. Visit multiple destinations in a single voyage

So many places, so little time? Opting for a fly cruise opens the door to exploring multiple destinations in a single, seamless voyage. Step onto a gorgeous beach with azure waters or wander through a culturally rich city adorned with enchanting landmarks without the hassle of planning separate trips. With Royal Caribbean, you can head over to these sought-after cruise destinations in one go.

Italy and France

Royal Caribbean Cruise - Italy and France

Left - Ride a vaporetto (a local form of taxi boat) in Venice, Italy. Right - Go on a romantic retreat by the French Riviera.

Love all things art and architecture? Explore the iconic cities of Italy and France. In Italy, you can roam the bustling streets of Rome, see the glorious ancient Colosseum, and take a relaxing ride on a gondola in Venice. Italy is a paradise for foodies too as it lets you indulge in a classic Neapolitan pizza in Naples, the pastas of Rome's Trastevere district, bitter espresso, and sweet gelato.

Meanwhile, in France, get ready to be captivated by its pristine city beaches and other idyllic spots. Find a slice of paradise by the Côte d'Azur AKA the French Riviera which offers spectacular sights and delicious cuisine inspired by its Mediterranean neighbours. For art enthusiasts, you can also visit museums of legendary paintings and sculptures.

The Bahamas and Mexico

Royal Caribbean Cruise - The Bahamas and Mexico

Left - Satisfy your playful spirit at Perfect Day at CocoCay. Right - Enjoy an underground cavern in Mexico.

If you dream of sun-soaked beaches in the Bahamas, book a Perfect Day at CocoCay cruise deal. This private island, exclusive to Royal Caribbean guests, promises fearless adventures at the Thrill Waterpark with its lightning-fast 41-metre tall Daredevil’s Peak, a four-lane Splash Speedway, and other waterslides. There’s also a helium balloon ride where you can take in the island views from more than a hundred metres from the ground, a zipline, and more.

For more close and personal encounters with Mother Nature, go on a fascinating tour in Mexico. Discover cenotes which are expansive underground caverns, rainforest safaris teeming with iguanas, macaws, and other wildlife, and clear waters for surfing and snorkelling.

China and Japan

Royal Caribbean Cruise - China and Japan

Left - Immerse in China’s olden-day charm. Right - Take a pleasurable dip at an onsen in Japan.

For those seeking a more tranquil experience, immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of destinations such as China and Japan. In China, get ready to marvel at the grand palaces and courtyards of Beijing's Forbidden City, stroll through flowering gardens, and bask in the harmony of its ancient and modern society.

In Japan, prepare to be in awe of its towering skyscrapers, world-class sushi and sashimi, serene forests, and more. Take a breather as you walk through the iconic pink cherry blossoms of Kyoto, see Okinawa's perfect sky-blue waters, and feel the heat of an onsen or a hot spring bath in Beppu on a cold day.

We’ve only just scratched the surface of the cruise destinations that Royal Caribbean has to offer. They provide more than 300 destinations for you to choose from for your one-of-a-kind holiday.

2. Discover fun-filled onboard activities

Embarking on the cruise is your gateway to start checking off those coveted items from your travel bucket list. With an array of experiences and attractions, boredom is simply not on the agenda for anyone.

Feel your heart race as you brave the boomerang-style slide Tidal Wave or conquer the 10-storey thrill of the Ultimate Abyss. You can also take your pick from dazzling, full-scale productions that span Broadway musicals, mesmerising ice skating performances, diving shows, and other amazing acts. Onboard activities may vary from ship to ship, so remember to double-check the website for the availability of each one.

Royal Caribbean Cruise - onboard activities

Left - Take a dip at a relaxing pool at the Solarium. Right - Unleash your daring side at a thrilling waterslide at The Perfect Storm.

When you’re ready to unwind, get refreshed and rejuvenated at the spa, where massages, facials, and other pampering treatments await. Like a cherry on top, you can be sure to find world-class service throughout your cruise.

Brace yourself for a journey where every moment becomes a destination in itself.

3. Enjoy stress-free planning and travelling between destinations

Embarking on a vacation with Royal Caribbean lets you enjoy a pleasurable experience even before stepping foot onto the ship. No need to decide on the nitty-gritty details of what to do or what to eat when you’re on board — Royal Caribbean lets you book onboard activities, dining packages, shore excursion packages, and more in advance through their website. Once on board, all that’s left for you to do is unwind, relish the ship’s offerings, and explore beyond.

Royal Caribbean Cruise - onboard activities for kids

Bond over fresh experiences with your loved ones.

Speaking of things to do, you can also pick and choose all the attractions you want to try out in advance. There are activities lined up everyday onboard the ship. You just have to use the Royal App where you can see the activities’ schedules daily and choose which ones you’d like to join.

Beyond the ship, travelling from country to country will be a smooth sailing ride. You don’t have to worry about logistic problems such as booking different hotels in each country and lugging your luggage from place to place. You can simply leave your belongings onboard and feel more at ease while you travel on your own or with your family and loved ones.

If you’d like to lessen your stress over the specific details of your itinerary outside the ship, go for a shore excursion package from Royal Caribbean. You’ll get to experience for yourself the wonderful cruise destinations mentioned above without having to worry about every activity. But if you’d like to be more spontaneous, you can also opt to go on your own tour and wander and explore to your heart’s content.

A few things to remember before going on a fly cruise with Royal Caribbean

Feeling the wanderlust? If you’re a first-time fly cruise traveller, consider arriving at the port's destination a day in advance. You might want to engage a reliable travel agency to help you streamline the flight booking process. An earlier arrival will help you ensure that you have a buffer, safeguarding against potential airline delays.

Ready to get started? Visit Royal Caribbean’s website to find out more.

This story was created in partnership with Royal Caribbean.

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