Here’s How To Celebrate Small Wins In Your Life

Marking milestones in Lee Hwa Jewellery

Beyond recognising traditional notions of success, life is filled with plenty of “small” yet significant wins that are worth celebrating too — be it cherishing strong friendship bonds or learning to make your happiness a priority (and not anyone else’s.) Hence, as you chase after your dreams and chart your very own success journey, keep in mind to enjoy the process and acknowledge the progress that you’ve made thus far.

Why not make a note to reward yourself with the finer things in life every now and then, such as a dainty bracelet or a pair of versatile, statement earrings? By doing so, you may just feel more motivated and empowered to achieve even bigger, more extraordinary things. Read on as we highlight how you can mark five seemingly small yet momentous milestones in your life with the help of Lee Hwa Jewellery’s Summer 2021 collection.

Celebrate sisterhood with a girls’ night out

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That said, your best friends are just as precious as diamonds too as they’ve been by your side through thick and thin. Let your hair down and celebrate your unbreakable bond with a fun girls’ night out (after restrictions have been lifted, of course.) Otherwise, a cosy, low-key soiree sounds lovely as well as long as you get to indulge in good food and great conversations.

Destinee Etoile Bandle, Necklace, Earrings and Ring

(Clockwise) Destinée Etoile Bangle (From SGD5,461), Destinée Etoile Necklace (From SGD1,717), Destinée Etoile Earrings (From SGD3,553) and Destinée Etoile Ring (From SGD3,481).

As you and your girlfriends get your glam on for the occasion, don’t forget to add the perfect finishing touch to your outfits with Lee Hwa Jewellery’s Summer 2021 collection. Created specifically for the modern woman who enjoys the finest things in life, Destinée diamonds are regarded as “the ideal cut” as they’ve attained the highest possible rating in terms of symmetry, polish and proportions.

Furthermore, each of the Destinée diamonds encompasses eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and arrows and boasts unrivalled brilliance, scintillation and fire (all important components that determine a diamond’s level of sparkle).

Celebrate long-overdue reunions over brunch

Brunch dates are an excellent way for you to reunite with your friends and acquaintances, given how they provide a great setting for you to reminisce about the good ol’ times while you tuck into posh nosh and thirst-quenching tipples. Furthermore, reunions — be it held in person or over Zoom — allow you to gain better insights into one another’s progress over the years and in turn, motivate yourself to work hard at achieving your own goals too.

Aster Ring, Necklace and Bracelet

(Clockwise) Aster Ring (SGD458), Aster Necklace (SGD788) and Aster Bracelet (SGD628).

Whether you’re opting for alfresco dining at a café or catching up virtually with a glass of cocktail in your hand, consider adorning yourself in a breezy, beautiful outfit and complementary pieces from Lee Hwa Jewellery’s Summer 2021 collection to help put your best face forward.

The Aster collection includes three accessories: a ring, bracelet and necklace, and all feature dazzling diamonds alongside dainty-looking petals made of rose and white gold. Rock these sparkly wonders individually or as a matching set to create your very own effortlessly chic ensemble.

Celebrate romance with a swanky date night

Remember the fiery passion and burning excitement that you and your significant other shared during the initial stages of your relationship? It’s easy to take such moments for granted especially when you’re caught up in daily affairs. However, make an effort to honour the love and show your appreciation for them whenever you can. In fact, why not carve out time from your busy schedules for a swanky, intimate date night that’s reserved solely for the two of you?

Destinee Blossom Bracelet, Pendant with white Gold Chain and other accessories

Destinée Blossom Bracelet (From SGD8,638), Destinée Blossom Pendant With White Gold Chain (From SGD2,140 — Pendant only), Destinée Blossom Ring (SGD2,176), Destinée Blossom Necklace (From SGD6,622), Destinée Blossom Earrings (From SGD2,014) and Destinée Blossom Multi-Wear Earrings (From SGD4,912).

As far as date night is concerned, it’s a wonderful chance for you to pull out all the stops and “wow” your partner. Slip into an elegant number and drip yourself in vibrant diamonds from Lee Hwa Jewellery’s Summer 2021 collection, which the brand likens to “blossoms of flowers springing into life.” With the help of these breathtaking gemstones, you and your partner are bound to be reminded of your love for each other that’s bloomed beautifully over the years too.

Celebrate happiness with a healthy dose of vitamin sea

Want to know the key to finding true happiness? Well, it starts with celebrating what you have instead of fixating on what you lack, so choose to fill your heart with strength, gratitude and happiness if you wish to go even further in life. And if you’re looking for a healing environment to centre your thoughts and build your self-confidence, there’s no better destination than the beach.

Twinkle Diamond Trinnie Pendant and Earrings

Twinkle Diamond Trinnie Pendant (SGD358) and Twinkle Diamond Trinnie Earrings (SGD548).

Fun fact: Spending time under the sun boosts your serotonin levels, which helps to uplift your mood and make you feel happier. As you lounge under your cabana in your favourite swimwear, let Lee Hwa Jewellery’s Summer 2021 collection provide you with plenty of shine (and reflect how you feel on the inside too.)

The Twinkle Diamond collection features innovative diamond settings, where the diamond is suspended at its ends such that it vibrates at the slightest movement of its wearer. In short, these chic companions will never dull your sparkle and instead, showcase your beauty in the most flattering light.

Celebrate self-care with a staycation

Self-care is about giving the world the best of you, and not what’s left of you. Give yourself permission to pause if that’s what you need to adjust your priorities accordingly. On this note, consider going on a solo staycation to recharge your batteries and focus on doing things that you wish to do — be it a full body massage, an uninterrupted, hour-long nap or breakfast in bed.

Swing Star Satine Pendant and Earrings

Swing Star Satine Pendant (SGD298) and Swing Star Satine Earrings (SGD458).

As a stylish perk-me-up, dress your neck and ears in Lee Hwa Jewellery’s Summer 2021 collection, which consists of a pendant and a pair of earrings. The collection’s lively name takes after the captivating design of its diamonds, which swing in a figure of eight to capture light at the slightest movements. For an added touch of femininity, both pieces feature a dainty ribbon that’s made of rose gold too.

Mark life’s milestones — no matter how big or small — in Lee Hwa Jewellery’s new Summer 2021 collection, which is now available online and in their boutiques in Singapore. 

From now till 31 July 2021, enjoy up to 50% off in-store and online. 

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