She’s A Gem: 3 Reasons Why We Love The All-New Goldheart Boutique Concept

Your closer look at its stunning interiors and jewellery selections

A scintillating diamond ring that promises the romance of a lifetime. A collection of 916 and 999 gold jewellery imbued with blessings. A pair of rose gold earrings that conveys sophistication. More than just a tool of personal style and expression, jewellery holds the power to encapsulate memories that are close to our hearts.

In the spirit of celebration and the marking of meaningful milestones, TheBeauLife had the special opportunity to visit Goldheart Bugis Junction and experience the brand’s all-new boutique concept during its bejewelled grand opening event.

Goldheart Bugis Junction boutique

Left - Goldheart Brand Ambassador and Mediacorp Artiste Rebecca Lim at the Goldheart grand opening event at Bugis Junction. Right - Personalities dressed in Goldheart jewellery for the event.

The star-studded event drew in throngs of shoppers as they were eager to sneak a peek at Goldheart Brand Ambassador and Mediacorp Artiste Rebecca Lim. The actress was a vision in her monochromatic ensemble, complete with a gorgeous 916 Gold occasion set by the brand.

Treasured friends of Goldheart were part of the grand affair too. Guests were dressed to the nines as they participated in engaging activities, enjoyed delectable gourmet bites and admired the brand’s remarkable range of jewellery. In all, it was an unforgettable evening of celebration that highlighted the start of a fresh and significant chapter for the brand.

Intrigued to learn more? Here are three reasons why Goldheart Bugis Junction deserves to be your favourite jewellery boutique in Singapore.

1. The new boutique concept exudes charm and sophistication

New boutique concept at Goldheart Bugis Junction

The new Goldheart boutique concept at Bugis Junction.

Forget the intimidating, stark white exteriors and harsh overhead lights that you would normally find in other jewellery stores; the new boutique concept by Goldheart draws you in with its intentional use of gorgeous coral hues, organic curve detailing and sleek mirror facets that convey style, elegance and modernity.

To captivate casual customers, the boutique boasts lit canvas feature walls to showcase the brand’s key designs for the season. Simply put, it’s a stunning shopping destination for couples, families and trend-conscious individuals to discover their new favourite jewellery.

2. The boutique’s interiors are designed thoughtfully — and tastefully

Interiors of the new boutique concept at Goldheart Bugis Junction

The interior design of the new Goldheart boutique concept.

Beyond making a great first impression with its exteriors, the boutique also evokes a warm and welcoming atmosphere, thanks to its use of soft yet luxurious furnishings. The boutique’s interior is styled with a communal marble table, cosy, plush seats, and island counters for guests to spark conversations with knowledgeable sales assistants as they indulge themselves with a range of expertly crafted Goldheart jewellery.

After all, the expansive array of gold and diamonds by Goldheart is designed to commemorate the most special milestones in your life — no matter how big or small. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to something extravagant or something chic for everyday wear, this thoughtfully designed space creates the ideal environment for you and your loved ones to discover the beauty, craftsmanship and trendsetting designs of Goldheart jewellery.

3. The boutique offers an extensive selection of fine gold and diamond jewellery

Interior of the new boutique concept at Goldheart Bugis Junction

Left - The #TopHits Mural. Right - The Library of Gold.

You’ll be spoilt for choice at this new boutique concept — the brand expanded its boutique space by 40% to house an even greater selection of its bijoux and jewellery to enthral and delight customers. This spacious, elevated retail environment boasts several features that artfully showcase the brand’s range of jewellery.

It includes the #TopHits Mural, which highlights the brand’s curation of its most well-loved and trendsetting designs, the Library of Gold, and the captivating Celestial Enclave.

The 916 Gold range by Goldheart.

The 916 Gold range by Goldheart.

The Library of Gold beautifully displays the brand’s sprawling selection of 999 Gold Si Dian Jin and contemporary 916 Mode Gold jewellery. Did you know? Style-makers particularly favour the 999 Gold Si Dian Jin for its meticulous craftsmanship and significance for weddings. Meanwhile, the 916 Gold range offers intricate jewellery designs that are made for everyday wear. Designed and made in Europe, 916 Gold pieces offer the best mix of design, quality and style.

Celestial Enclave at Goldheart Bugis Junction

The Celestial Enclave.

The boutique’s Celestial Enclave is an incredible sight to behold. Here, you’re invited to discover the brilliance of the world’s first 73-facet starburst diamond, which is also known as The Star Diamond. Enter and be enchanted by the cut, colour, clarity and carat of the diamond that represents exquisite taste.

Where to shop for Goldheart jewellery in Singapore

Ready to make a trip to Goldheart in time for your next milestone celebration? Visit the new boutique concept at Goldheart Bugis Junction at 200 Victoria St, #01-31/32/33, Singapore 188021.

Stay tuned as the brand unveils its new boutique concept across its stores islandwide. Goldheart is present in 19 locations in Singapore, including one at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3 Departure Hall.

Bring your bejewelled dreams to life at the new boutique concept at Bugis Junction.

This story was created in partnership with Goldheart.

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