Explore The World Of Coffee With These 6 Beverages

Your ticket to a blissful coffee adventure

Do you need coffee to kickstart your day or enjoy it as an occasional treat? Whether you’re a certified coffee lover or a newbie hoping to expand your horizons, it’s the perfect time to explore the various types of coffee at the SM Coffee Festival! Treat yourself and your loved ones to one of these satisfying beverages with the help of the convenient Swipe Coupons on the SM Malls Online app.

Popular types of coffee at the SM Coffee Festival

Take a trip around the world, one sip at a time.

1. Macchiato - Italy

Macchiato in Italian means “marked”, “spotted” or “stained”. This perfectly applies to the drink because it’s made of a shot of espresso “stained” with a dollop of milk. It’s meant for people who are looking for something in between an intense cup of bitter espresso and a milkier cappuccino. Traditionally, Italians enjoy it in the afternoon.

However, around the world, its sweeter variation has become a more popular choice through the years. A well-known coffee chain in the US introduced the caramel macchiato, and it has become a well-loved drink in the Philippines.

Lotus Cafe and Beanbag Coffee

Left - Lotus Cafe. (Photo from: @lotus_cafe_sm_novaliches) Right - Beanbag Coffee.

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2. Spanish latte - Spain 

A Spanish latte AKA Café con Leche is a delightful drink that’s similar to Vietnamese coffee (more on that later!). Like the classic latte, it combines bold espresso with smooth steamed milk, but its unique flavour comes from the addition of sweet condensed milk. This makes the beverage richer and creamier compared to the traditional drink. Typically enjoyed in the morning in Spain, it’s commonly brewed with Arabica coffee beans and can be served hot or cold.


Honeybon. (Photo from: @honeybonph)

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3. Dalgona coffee - South Korea

More than just a viral TikTok trend during the early days of the lockdown, dalgona is already loved in Korea as a honeycomb toffee snack and is commonly sold by street vendors. However, when it comes to making the drink, you don’t necessarily have to add the sweet delicacy. All you need are equal parts of three ingredients: instant coffee, sugar, and hot water. Whip it using a whisk or hand mixer until it turns into a thick foam then serve it on top of a glass of ice and milk. 


WouldULike. (Photo from: @wouldulikeph)

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4. Vietnamese coffee - Vietnam

Earlier, we talked about the characteristics of the sweet Spanish latte. Vietnamese coffee shares similar ingredients such as coffee and condensed milk, but they have certain differences too. Vietnamese coffee is made using Robusta coffee beans, which are known for their bold flavours. It’s also usually served over ice and makes a refreshing drink for hot climates. 

But First, Coffee

But First, Coffee. (Photo from: @butfirstcoffeeph)

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5. Frappé - Greece

The frappé has an intriguing background; it’s been said that it was invented by accident during the 1957 Thessaloniki International Fair in Greece. A company was promoting its instant chocolate drink for kids made using a shaker. Then a sales representative wanted to have a cup of coffee but couldn’t find hot water and so reportedly used the shaker to mix his instant coffee with sugar and cold water. And voila, a new drink was born.

Nowadays, the frappé has evolved and comes in a variety of flavours, catering to countries all over the globe. 

Taste of Cza Cza Cza and BLK 5 Cafe

Left -  Taste of Cza Cza Cza. Right - BLK 5 Cafe.

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6. Malaysian coffee - Malaysia

Malaysian coffee or simply kopi is known for its rich flavour and unique roasting method. The coffee beans are roasted twice to bring about nutty flavours and low acidity. After the first roast, they’re mixed with melted sugar and margarine then caramelised with sugar. Once they’re cooled, the mixture is ground into fine coffee powder, ready to be brewed.

Famous Belgian Waffles

Famous Belgian Waffles. (Photo from: @famousbelgianwafflesofficial)

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Which type of coffee would you love to try out?

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