Beauty Tricks We Learned From Drag Queens & Can Use IRL

Confidence, condensed

Drag queen makeup — in all its theatrical and over-the-top creativity — has been enjoying its time in the spotlight for almost a decade now. With shows such as RuPaul's Drag Race placing it in mainstream media, beauty lovers now have more artists to take inspiration from for a different form of art and self-expression. But their looks are not just for performances, some of their beauty philosophies and hacks are applicable in our day-to-day looks as well. Here are some drag queen makeup tips and tricks you can adopt IRL.

Bake when needed

Performing under stage lights means drag queen makeup needs to last and not budge. It's why you'll see a lot of drag queens packing on setting powder to lock in all the cream products they've applied. Considering that drag queen makeup uses a lot of products to achieve its theatrical effect — glue stick definitely included — setting powder is a performer's best friend. It can be yours too, especially if you live in a country with a humid climate like ours. Simply bake or set the areas where you tend to oil up the most with a translucent powder. Just remember that too much powder can look cakey on everyday makeup so use just enough.

Affordable products can be high-performing

Another drag makeup tip to keep in mind is that price doesn't matter when it comes to high-performance makeup. Some of our fave drag queens have drugstore products in their kit that they won't switch out for anything else. The Coty Airspun Powder is a staple in Naomi Smalls' makeup rotation, as well as other drag queens'. Naomi also swears by the Maybelline Ultra-Liner Liquid Eyeliner for a sharp winged liner that's also easy to remove after every performance.

Makeup is not a one-size fits all

Though drag makeup is usually linked to over-the-top contouring and sky-high lashes, not every performer subscribes to this makeup template. RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars Season 5 winner Shea Couleé prefers a more natural-looking base makeup. Kim Chi plays with colour on another level. Jan Sport's brows are more natural and less statement-making. We can totally pick and choose the different makeup techniques we want to use, as long they positively enhance our features and make us feel confident.

Emphasise the features you want to highlight

Is it your eyes? Your pouty lips? Your cheekbones? Every makeup look should have a focal point. For example, Trixie Mattel has lashes and popping eyeshadow that draw your gaze to the upper half of their face. You can also look to Alyssa Edwards who has been rocking pigmented lip looks in their recent IG updates. Play around with makeup products and looks to figure out which ones call out to you and gives you a confidence boost whenever you do it. 

Makeup is for self-expression

Our last drag queen makeup tip-slash-philosophy is embracing makeup as a tool to express yourself. Drag queens use makeup as part of the performance they deliver. Their stage personas are an extension of themselves, and that includes the looks they choose as their signature. You can use makeup as a way to show your personality too. A graphic eyeliner, a signature lip colour, some glitter eyeshadow on your lower lashline — these can all become part of your trademark. Minimalistic, all-out glam, vintage, theatrical — the world is your oyster.

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